Book List

The Mitten by Brett, Jan. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1989. Several animals sleep snugly in Nicki’s lost mitten until the bear sneezes.

The Big Sneeze by Brown, Ruth. New York: Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, 1985.  A farmer sneezes a fly off his nose and causes havoc in the barnyard.

Bear Snores on by Wilson, Karma. Lancaster, PA: Childcraft Education Corp., 2002.  On a cold winter night many animals gather to party in the cave of a sleeping bear, who then awakes and protests that he has missed the food and the fun.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Yolen, Jane.  New York: Blue Sky Press, 2003. Describes what a young dinosaur should do in order to quickly get over being sick. 

Songs, Poems, and Fingerplays

Hand Washing Finger Play

Five little fingers playing all day
Getting really dirty
Wash the germs away

Four little fingers catching a sneeze
Needing some gel soap
Just a squeeze please!

Three little fingers staying pretty clean
Sneeze into your shoulder
See what I mean!

Five little fingers happy to say
We’re clean and healthy
Hip!  Hop! Hooray!

Mr. Lion and His Sneeze

Mr. Lion said,
“I am going to Sneeze!”
(Point to self)
So he put his head down
Between his knees!
(Put head down between knees)
He opened his mouth
And out it flew
(Open mouth)
A giant super loud
(Sneeze loudly)
The jungle floor jiggled
And the trees all wiggled
(Wiggle and jiggle body)
And the birds were flown
To Bombay
(Make flying motion with hands)
And the elephants were tossed
Every which way
(Slap hands on knees)

Five Little Mice (Played on five fingers)

Five little mice on the pantry floor,

This little mouse peeked behind the door.

This little mouse nibbled at the cake,

This little mouse did not a sound make.

This little mouse heard the kitten sneeze.

“Ah Choo,” sneezed the kitten,

And, “Squeak,” they all cried,

And they found a hole and ran inside.

The Sneezing Song

Please don’t feed me black-eyed peas
You know what they will do
For if you feed me black-eyed peas
I’ll have to sneeze…Ah…Ah…Ah Choo! 

Please don’t feed me macaroni and cheese…
Please don’t feed me chocolate chip cookies…


I think –I am going to sneeze ..(ha chew!)
I think –I am going to sneeze ..(ha chew)
If you sneeze, pass the tissue please….
Ha Chew, Ha Chew, Ha Chew


My nose tingles point to nose
My nose twitches wiggle nose
And I am going to sneeze!
Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo 
Ah-choo, ah-choo, ah-choo
put hand over nose; leave hand over nose, making sneezing noises and motions


A nose breathes in breathe in
A nose breathes out breathe out
A nose can smell sniff air
A nose can wiggle wiggle nose
A nose can blow pretend to blow nose
A nose can sneeze…AH-CHOO! pretend to sneeze
And that’s what noses can do! 


Give each child a piece of paper with the following phrase written across the top:  “I think I am going to sneeze!”  Let them trace around their hand with a crayon or a marker.  Glue a tissue to the hand.

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  1. During this delicious heat of August, what a great story time theme to save and use during next winter’s flu season! Thank you very much… Marcia Wines

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