Book Review: Unveiled by Courtney Milan

Unveiled by Courtney Milan
My review: 3 of 5 stars

Nice romance that would’ve benefited from more plot. Unveiled features a strong and likable heroine and flawed hero. The characters are not complex but developed enough to come to life in the reader’s mind. The dialogue is witty and engaging. The story is surprisingly humorous at times. Unfortunately, the pace was slow. In between the interesting bits, there was too much of nothing going on. But in terms of language, metaphor, vocabulary, etc., Unveiled was well-written, and I liked the characters enough to want to read it through.


“She didn’t need to be received as nobility to be noble. If everything else had been stolen away, that much of her, at least, remained” (p. 34).

“If you gave people compliments, they tended to like you. If you confided in them, they were likely to trust you. And if you asked them for their help, they were yours forever” (p. 41).

Author: Allie

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