Pass the Guacamole

I’m looking for inspiration in a Mexican restaurant.  I’ve found nachos with cheese dip–even better!  This being my first blog entry, it’s got to be really good.  Hey! Here comes my Margarita (Sip).  As I was saying, this being my first blog, it’s got to be really – Pass the tortillas – good.  Oops, let’s just wipe off that cheese dip.  Anyway, like I said, this is my first blog and -what?  Guacamole on my salad?  Yes!  Absolutely.  Okay- as I mentioned earlier – my first blog entry (sip) should be (crunch, mmmmm) really short and meaningless.  There.  Mission accomplished.  Afterthought: Favorite song with a burrito – Victor Vito by Laurie Berkner

Author: Allie

I was a Children's Librarian for 8 years and worked in Administration for several more. I love blogging about books, information, and other library related topics. Most of my blogs are book reviews.