Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson

Snow Falling on Cedars is reminiscent of To Kill a Mockingbird in that it deals with a man wrongfully accused of a crime and the prejudice of the community regarding his race. However, because the main character of the story is a disillusioned war veteran, the tone of the novel is much edgier and more graphic in its descriptions of events and emotions. I really enjoyed the book but I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. The author does not hold back in his descriptions of sex, murder or war. Ironically, the novel is also very beautiful. I could picture the snowy cedar forests of the Northwest. I could even smell them. The author also gave  rich detail to each and every character making them three dimensional. As a reader, I felt that I knew them, and I cared very much what happened to them. A worthy read!

Author: Allie

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