Book Review: Crossovers by LeAnne Hardy

Crossovers by LeAnne Hardy explores gender bias in the characters of Ben Bradley and his sister Denise. Denise wants to go to hockey camp and Ben, a hockey player, really enjoys figure skating. The author also takes a sensitive look at the characteristics that define a young man while challenging stereotypical societal views. Self-acceptance as well as the acceptance of others is really the theme in this novel, and the characters eventually mature enough not to be afraid of what others think of them. Instead, through various experiences in the novel, they come to accept who they are and embrace their identities in Christ. I recommend this book for middle school teens, especially teen boys. They will relate to the struggles of the characters and recognize some of the prejudices that they face. The book is well-written, rings true to life, and opens the door for family discussion. The author includes a reading guide with thoughtful follow-up questions.

In accordance with FTC guidelines, please note that I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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