Book Review: The Three Trees by Elena Pasquali

What are most outstanding about this rendition of The Three Trees are the beautiful illustrations. The colors are vibrant and the images are action packed with emotive animals everywhere. I also like the telling of the story in that the sentence structure was simple, perfect for a young child to read. I happen to own Angela Hunt’s retelling of the same story, so I compared it to Pasquali’s. Of the two, Hunt captures the emotional punch of the tale best in her words, but the wording is lengthy. Pasquali loses some of the emotional punch in simplifying the story, however this is more than made up for in the illustrations. It is a true picture book in that it relies more on the illustrations than on the words to tell the tale. This is what grabs the attention of children. The Three Trees is an emotional folktale that takes the reader through the life of Christ through the point of view of three trees. It is a lovely tale, and this is a very well-crafted version suitable for all ages. It will be one that children ask for over and over again because each illustration has so much to see, and it tells the story of Jesus in a way in which children can understand. It’s a gorgeous book. Really striking!

In compliance with FTC guidelines, please note that I received this book for free through LibraryThing Early Reviewers.