Reading Challenge 2013: First Reads

I’ve acceptedFirst Reads an invitation to participate in a reading challenge to read different authors for the first time. I’m going to shoot for Expert:Choose to read 20 – 25 New Authors. I will also attempt to review all of the books that I read. You don’t have to be a blogger to participate, nor do you have to shoot for expert. Just join the fun and challenge yourself to try different authors next year! You can participate on twitter using the hashtag (#FirstReads). For more information, click on the First Reads picture on this post.

  1. Colin Duriez
  2. Carol P. Roman
  3. Oliver Jeffers
  4. Margot Livesey
  5. Odile Weulersse
  6. Jojo Moyes
  7. Jon Harrison
  8. Brian “Head” Welch
  9. Josh Hanagarne
  10. Brandon Mull
  11. Gillian Flynn
  12. Francesco Marciuliano
  13. S.M. Boyce
  14. Ally Malinenko
  15. Heather James
  16. Attica Locke
  17. Susannah Cahalan
  18. Karen Thompson Walker
  19. Leslie Gould
  20. Suzanne Woods Fisher
  21. Linda Castillo
  22. Veronica Roth
  23. Bernhard Schlink