Clean Tush from Charmin: One of the perks of Vocalpoint membership

As a member of the Vocalpoint community, I occasionally receive samples and products to review. This time not only did I receive a free box of Charmin Freshmates but the sample box also included a fun bath towel. In addition, for reviewing and blogging about the product, I get to enter a Bathroom Makeover Sweepstakes. The bottom line (pun intended) is that I love Charmin Freshmates. I wouldn’t use just dry toilet paper to clean a baby’s bottom, so why would I use only TP to clean mine. Charmin Freshmates leave you feeling truly clean. And they come in assorted containers that you can match to your decor. Charmin Freshmates are a great product and a good value. Your family and your guests will appreciate them. Keep them handy!

Offer from Vocalpoint: BillMyParents Spend Smart Card

If you have a teenager, tune in to Vocalpoint on Tuesday for an amazing exclusive member offer for BillMyParents! The BillMyParents Spend Smart Card helps teach teens smart spending habits when it counts-now! With BillMyParents, teens get the freedom they’re always begging for, and parents get the control and peace of mind they need. Don’t miss out on this great Vocalpoint offer. Register as a Vocalpoint member (it’s free), so come Tuesday, you can be quick to click!

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