Book Review: Children of Paranoia by Trevor Shane

My teenage son just finished reading Children of Paranoia. He said it was intriguing. The book is about a war between two groups. Neither side knows why it is fighting, but they have their own reasons to keep fighting. There are four rules in this war. 1)No killing of innocent bystanders. 2)No killing anyone under the age of eighteen. 3)If you are under the age of eighteen and you have a baby, that baby gets handed to the other side. 4) Bite the hand of the man, and he’ll bite you back; he’ll bite you twice as hard. In this dystopian world, the lines between good and evil are unclear. Out of five stars, Daniel gives this book five because it has a lot of action, an interesting storyline, a complex plot, and well-developed characters. He already recommended this book to a friend from school. Go to the website to read an excerpt:

In compliance with FTC guidelines, please note that I received this book for free from the publisher.

Author: Allie

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