Good Advice

I was busily laminating and cutting letters to spell out “Catch the Reading Bug” in preparation for the Summer Reading Program when I was approached by a young patron who had some books to check out. The letters to the phrase each had a bug on them. For example, the ‘C’ featured a caterpillar and the ‘A’ featured an ant. The ‘T’ featured what looked to be a beetle of some kind, but so far it remained a mystery to me and my colleagues. I asked my young patron if he had any idea what kind of bug it was. Without any hint of sarcasm, he said, “No, but I have an idea! You could look in one of the bug books here at the library. Books are a great place to look when you have a question.” I think he may have a future as a librarian.
Insects A to Z Children Photographic Poster Print by Lucy Autrey Autrey Wilson, 20×24

Author: Allie

I was a Children's Librarian for 8 years and worked in Administration for several more. I love blogging about books, information, and other library related topics. Most of my blogs are book reviews.

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  1. This gave me a wonderful laugh. As they say “from the mouth of babes.”

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