Radical Recyclables

We’ve been saving egg-cartons for a few months now in preparation for the Summer Reading Program.  As I was studying spray paint selections and pondering which colors would make the best egg-carton bugs, I thought about how helpful it would be if cardboard egg-cartons already came in vibrant colors.  I would gladly pay extra for products with packaging that could be readily recycled into crafty creations.  In fact, think how cool it would be if toilet-paper tubes came striped or polka-doted or with printed faces in various expressions.  Imagine the potential!

Author: Allie

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2 thoughts on “Radical Recyclables”

  1. speaking of TP tubes why do they need to be so thick? Couldn’t they be a little flimsier and then they could charge less for the rolls. I would rather see them go this direction than charge more for designs that might scare me when I get to the end of the roll. Imagine four or five faces staring at you when you pull off the last sheet.

  2. If you are a mother trying to go to the bathroom alone, you do not have to “imagine” a couple of faces staring at you!!! :).

    Great idea about the tp rolls…my kids are always fighting over who get the end of the roll. Too bad they do not fight over who gets to pick it up when they leaving it laying around the house lol!!

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