“Isth a disthasther!” or The case of the missing teeth

One of my assistants has spent the better part of a week digging around in her basement, rummaging through boxes of flotsam and jetsam in search of a missing set of dentures. Why? Because I mentioned that I was doing a story-time about teeth and would be reading a story about a grandfather who awakens one morning to discover Continue reading ““Isth a disthasther!” or The case of the missing teeth”

Taste of Gingerbread

Yesterday my friend Dakota, age 3, stopped by the library.  He, his mother and baby sister, are faithful story-time attenders, and Dakota had been singing the Gingerbread Man’s infamous “Can’t catch me” chant ever since hearing it in a story-time 2 weeks prior.  Now he and his mother wanted to check-out the version of the story that I had shared: The Gingerbread Man retold by Eric A. Kimmel. Choosing a Continue reading “Taste of Gingerbread”